26 de febrero 17:00 hrs encuentro en mumble sobre Mayo 2014 internacional (en inglés)


La próxima reunión internacional para el Mayo 2014 es el miércoles 26 de febrero a las 17:00 CET ,

16:30 por personas que se conecten a Mumble por primera vez

La reunión es en ingles

For online meetings we can use a program called Mumble. Mumble is open  source voice chat software. Once you have installed this program on your computer or mobile device you can login to a server. Here you will see a  list of rooms in which you can meet other people to talk with.
We are using the Occupytalk.org server, which is hosting many  meetings of Occupy and related movements and initiatives.
If you have no mic, don’t worry, because Mumble also has a text chat channel.
First download Mumble in your computer

1st step: Install Mumble as you do with any other program and be sure to  run/finish the ‘Audio Wizard’ when you start Mumble for the first time.
Please select a ‘Push To Talk button’ when running the ‘Audio Wizard’,  else in a room with 50 people it will possibly lead up to feedback or  worse.
follow this tutorial .. it’s easy
Visual Tutorial: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SF90Qdm7mH8

2nd : Configuration to connect with Occupytalk.org server
In Mumble click on: Server > Connect > Add new
Enter the following information:
Label : Occupii
Server : occupytalk.org (has to be written exactly as it is)
Port: 64738
enter your Nickname: Your name/nick
look in the list of channel for: Assemblies & Round Tables > OPEN SPACE
and just move there

3rd : Check your local time here: time zone converter http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.htm
For people who use Mumble for first time it can be good to join in earlier and try to fix possible connection/sound problems.

Signs we use in the text chat during our mumble meetings:
WWWW or +1  = agree
MMMMM or -1   = disagree
*turn* = ask for turn
+++ = direct response
TTTTT = technical point
##### = please kindly try to conclude your intervention, I understood

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